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Cold stuffed tomatoes 

To make these tomatoes stuffed with cold it is important let them drain well and that they not retain fluid inside. Tomatoes pulp reserve it for any sauce or sauce.

INGREDIENTS per person:

  • 2-3 small round tomatoes, tomatoes, Canary Islands or in branch, firm and of the same size


Open the tomatoes over the top just to be able to drain them with a small spoon. If it is necessary to slightly cut the base support well. Let them drain upside down while we prepare the filling so well drain all the liquid.

Ideas for fillings: 

  1. Crumbled tuna, chopped cubes of ham cooked or Turkey, olives and mayonnaise (photo above).
  2. Fine chopped potato salad (pictured below)
  3. Surimi crumbled, hard-boiled egg, scallions or chives and mayonnaise.
  4. Any salad of cooked rice that you like.
  5. Either the rest of salad of couscous (below)
  6. Any salad chicken that you like.


To my I like that filling look over the top and garnish with olives, chopped chives into slices… but you can Crown also with juliana, surimi, chopped lettuce, a few capers… to your taste.

Light recipe: can use fillings such as tuna natural with hard-boiled egg and mustard, or cubes of Turkey or cooked chicken and fresh light cheese with a lightened with yogurt vinaigrette.